Elite Mallets Markus Leoson Signature Model

Markus Leoson Marimba Mallets In a close collaboration and cooperation with the mallet craftsman Iñaki Sebastián and his revolutionary manufacturing of Elite Mallets [www.percushop.com], these "Markus Leoson Signature mallets" were made after many different ideas and proposals and are now available on the international market through the Percushop online-stores all around the world. They are designed with a unique, thoroughly thought idea regarding the sound, the length and also a supporting grip function at the end of the shaft called Blue Pieces for the Musser/Stevens grip, which is an exciting novelty. The mallets have an overall clear sound but still a round and warm touch. The weight is well balanced for achieve a great, rich sound in the whole register of the instrument. Apart from that is another novelty that the harder mallets - yellow and black - also is possible to order for just 2-mallet playing but then with a length of just 32cm and with thin rattan that suits nicely and firmly in the hands when playing for instance ensemble or solo playing.

Markus recommends for the Musser/Stevens grip the 35cm birch length with the Blue Pieces and for the Burton/traditional grip the 38cm length with thick rattan (or birch).

When ordering from percushop.com apply the coupon - exmachina - in order to get a discount. When ordering 2 or more sets there will be no shipping cost.

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